Saturday, 3 November 2012

Trust me, I'm an engineer !

Salam Satu Malaysia, Salam UTP-ians :D

Dah semua org nk update2 pasal course masing2, aku pun teruja lah!
Nak update jugaaa laa (:

Firstly, I'm going to talk about UTP. Not much, but ade laaaa sikit2.
Okay, UTP. Beautiful scenery, feel like you are in foreign country, well-rounded students, superb facilities, english medium university, much more exciting experiences u'll gain here! Trust me. hehe

Kalau nak asah bakat to speak in english, this is the place *I tell uolls!
Everyone can speak in English. Every lecture is in English. When you have to cooperate with foreign students in any work, surely you have to speak in English.
And you can see here, there are a lot of culture! haha

About facilities, for those who love sports, UTP can serve you with a lot of excitement!
Ada squash, swimming, badminton, tennis, beach volley ball, futsal, rugby, netball, basketball, gym, martial arts room etc. Anyone yg mmg suka bersukan, you guys will enjoy all these facilities!

okay, dah la ckp pasal UTP.

So now, saya sarankan anda semua utk pilih UTP kalau nk sambung study in Engineering.
Okay, UTP akan ada foundation studies for a year which is three semesters - *trimester. 4 months/semester.
Fast track la lebih kurang.
Every semester, ada 4 subjects.
Macam aku, 1st sem dulu ada Islamic Studies, Thinking Skills, English II dan Fundamental of Programming I

This sem, aku ada Business Management, Principles of Economics, English I dan Pre Calculus.
Kalau Engineering students, they're facing Physics I and Chemistry I instead of business and econs.

Next sem, ada 3 subject - intro to BIS, programming II dan Linear Programming and Calculus.
While engineering, they'll proceed with Phy II, Chem II and Calculus.

So after finishing our foundation studies, we'll be undergraduate students! yeay
UG, tak se-busy budak2 foundy *maybe because credit hour foundy lebih sikit :/

okay, nnt bila dah 3rd year, ada internship for seven months. Internship ni akan jadi benda yg paling berharga sbb internship ni lama (7 months) and then, mostly, company yg dorg buat intern ni akan amik dorg kerja after dorg habis study. Student UTP ni market, jarang sekali dgr yg menganggur.
*tp make sure pointer tk drop teruk la. kalau setakat 2.5 CGPA, sapa nak amik kau keje? :P

UTP tak amik MUET! hihi
And UTP punya exam result, exam questions - senang ckp examination system dia, dipantau oleh New Zealand *kalau tk silap aku NZ, ke Canada eh? entah la, lupa. hahaha

So, result sini, mmg berkualiti baq hang! Trust me.

Okay, rasanya tu je kut. If you want to know more, come and join us! *nasihat utk budak2 form 5*
 UTP sangat best <3

about my life pulak, everything is just fun. ohh fyi, aku dah quit dr rakan masjid.
kenapa? sbb masalah jadual dan free time, sy quit. kat sini sy dah commit Smart Group ( USRAH), jd rasanya tu dh cukup (:

kawan2 sy sgt best, awesome! dtg dr mcm2 background. Being here, I open up my mind and now I can accept the fact that ''lain orang lain perangai nya''. hihi

Skrg (Nov 3rd) sy tgh cuti mid sem, tp smpai esok je.
Khamis haritu (Nov 1st), we went to Penang!
From 11 am till 3 am (Nov 2nd).
Proudly I tell you guys, I drove there! heeeeeee
Seriously, BEST! In Penang, we really enjoy the foods :D

Let pictures tell everything :

Meet my friends yo! Hihi

UTP ajar aku jd professional, sedikit demi sedikit. 
Lecturer ajar aku to start thinking about your future, this and that, planning to be a multi millionaire from now *hehe, ni lecturer business la ni :P

okay, that's all for now. 
Assalamualaikum (:


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musnet.blogspot said...

cik yasmin,mane gmbr utp?
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yasmin aminudin said...

gmbr utp? (:
i'll upload it soon k.