Monday, 5 November 2012



Assalamualaikum semua.


miss you girls. betul punya. :D

okey, is it allowed for me to write in english?

can laaa? i want to help myself in writing skill. 
so, it is allowed ya? :D 

first of all alhamdulillah, great.
we are still alive today.
i love Allah very much for borrowing you girls to me.
it's such a pleasant.

let's start to talk about my little journey.
*after read athirah's, salimi's and yasmin's. yet, i told farwah to write hers.
 but farwah said "aimi aimi, kte dah byk kali update. aimi dulu lah, baru eden mengikut jejak :P" hehe. so, okey. ill continue to write.

on June i entered CFS IIUM  'the gateway to the garden of knowledge and virtue'.

                                                                  kisasian at CFS

actually, all our dorm-mates were the only omarian there. what a nice moment if we altogether studying there? whoa. 

                                                               <3 them. and you too.

but then, i move to INTEC. International Education Centre. i just knew the full name actually. -.-.
now, i'm doing preparation. ADFP ( American Degree Foundation Programme).
it is a prep for people, who are going to America.
 like nick dayah and other two muslimeen.
 but, i'm joining the same programme but bounding to Australia.
 *the requirement is too, yet quite high actually. 3.5.
 i just do my best. hoping the best from Allah.
and I also need your doa. 
for our success in future.

the subject that i learnt in first semester.
*just passed it.

-preparation class.
-it is just like a muet.

-writing class.

*the lecturer for this subject is very AWESOME. he is kind. he treated us like his friends. 
                                                           his birthday party, THE KAMAL


*we've done many assignments for this subject. like radio drama, introductory speech, speech, speeh, group discussion in every class and a campaign. 
                                                         my group cd cover- radio drama

                                                               spark your future team

the cute woman in yellow is MISS NADIA. the lecturer for oral comm.

-like add maths.
MADAM ZULIA, in blue.

-read reading material.
-book review.

MADAM SU. in front of the library.

-islamic study.
-the best ever class.
-we can share our thought.
USTAZ MIOR. the best ustaz in intec.

my class name is OMAHA.
the people there. oh my..... memang padan dengan nama OMAHA.
the most loud class in ADFP. 
they are nice.
thanks to Allah, because they are really nice.

 formal photography session- saya masih di tepi.

 iftar ayam penyet .*baru tahu dia takda sijil halal* -.-

 open house ATUSA-ADFP

 iftar at sacc mall *teigt farwah*

 tunggu bas

 messy meja

 the last day- aimi the tallest.

 team bowling *lat ta li lat tali tam plom*-undi siap

 saya tak minum berdiri. saya pegang saja. okey, aimi apa yg kau cuba nak cakap?



with sam. she had been in KISAS for benchmark.

okey, the end.
thanks for reading this ntah-apa-apa entry :D

love you guys.
May Allah bless us.
in no matter what we do.
korang masih di hati. even though im not in this pic. always left behind :(

wassalam semua !


musnet.blogspot said...

btw,u're never left bhind aimi..
u always close to us..
juz our hearts <3

Aqilah Ahmad said...

aku ahli musnet bersekutu. kerana aku beralah dgn orang lain utk dorm ini. hehe. ok.aimi !! nice entry! keep it up. dakwah is anywhere.:)

Yasmin Aminudin said...

rindu nya kat aimi :')

adilah said...

coming to Australia? which university?