Saturday, 24 November 2012


Assalamualaikum. w.b.t.

Semua sihat?

Sihat kann ?


Okey, in this entry im going to tell kawan kawan musnet yang cute mute about THE HEROES.

Actually, the heroes that im going to nag about is not a tv series nor story of a book.
It is a conference that was held on 13 November 2012 in UIA Gombak.


1. The true hero is Muhammad.
2. The next heroes after our prophet Muhammad are the SAHABA.
3. ACTUALLY, the real hero is you. Yes, you. And, we. Yes, we are the heroes.

It is because Muhammad (pbuh) is the greatest mankind in this world. He has the best akhlak which is al Quran. He is Allah lover. *This is my own point actually. Yaa, as we already knew right?

The points that they, the speakers shared were all about Sahaba.
They are the people that live with our prophet as he was alive.

The SAHABA. They are the heroes that we should follow and know well, as their acts and behaviors are good enough. They knew how to act in the best way, as prophet told them to do so. And the real point why they are good, is that they were really close and they followed the prophet's behaviors.*does our prophet told us to behave nicely? Yes. right? But the problem is all about ourselves. our heart. Sometimes, we just refuse to do that. *mi please take it serious.

So, we the ummah of Rasullullah. We have to open our eyes. We have to open our heart. In order to be a better muslim. Insyallah together mukmin, oh my musnetians. <3 you guys.

Let us together, propose to Allah to give us a new heart. Oh my, are you want to die? hehe. No mann, I just want a new view in my life. Always tajdid our niat. Everyday, even every time, by the time we feel something goes wrong in ourselves.

May Allah bless us.
Guide us.

Lastly. FIND the hero !

How and where to find?

In ourselves.

Find our inner hero.


<3 you girls. tak tipu. sobs.

FYI : nik athira was with me :D

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