Tuesday, 4 February 2014

tesl? yeah tesl, upm!

And good day 

lama blog ni sunyi daripada post. 
Hrmm, so saya akan hidupkan kembali. Hehe
what I got in my mind is TESL.(my course)

First of all, kepada yang tak tahu, I further my study in tesl
English teacher to be
dah nak masuk sem 2.
ada yang ask me, why on earth do you take tesl?
penat2 je blaja math, kimia, bio, fizik sampai asasi
lepas tu amek bahasa?
then I pun wonder lah jugak
but, this is what it called TAKDIR.

ok, memang mengaku mula2 rasa cam tak betul je,
tapi my dad insist me to take perguruan.
then I pun took tesl.
banyak cabaran rupanya 
first, kena amik ujian medsi kat upsi
but at the same time I got trip to uss, singapore
bayangkan lah dah bayar tiket hotel semua and then
lebur macam tu je.
rasa sedih coz first time nak melancong guna duit sendiri.
lepas first tapisan, then interview
first interview in my life
apalagi, gabra tak sudah
at the end, interviewer tu cakap
"Your english is quite terrible"
Ok, ingat tak dapat la
but surprisingly,  and alhamdulillah I got it

before first sem start
I had so many perceptions on my course
'Mesti sume orang cakap bi'
'Mesti aq x bole cope ngan diorang'
and many more
but alhamdulillah again
as my course mate are so awesome
We are called tesl babies by the senior.

I love them very much
we are 19 girls and 6 boys
and we had done many things together
I also learn russian as my add language.
tesl taught me many new things
ok not tesl only but palapes too.
hehe akan diceritakan dalam entry yang lain

want to hear from others
where are you guys?


Anonymous said...

here I am.hehe
nice,nt aja sy speaking dgn btol bole?
trah ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello, I know you might be busy but can you tell more stories about TESL in UPM?
How's life there? Courses ( Major and minor subject)? Credit hours? Friends, lecturers, college, malls xD? Would really appreciate it. Thank you.